Friday, 3 June 2011

who had fall in love~

Assalammualaikum and hello everyone who read this blog..
by the way i want to talk about what we always talk to..
okey here i want to ask who dont ever had fall into love??
everybody has feel how the feeling when they fall in love..rite??
nothing serious here only trying to try my writing in English~
how do you feel when you have a couple that you love very much~
want to beat her/him?
whatever lah..

as long as you have a couple how you will take care of him/her?
control your couple everytime??
meet her/him everyday??
call/mcg her/him every time??
or what??
or you trust your couple wont cheat you and love you everyday?
you let her/him to do anything on your back..and when you know
her/him cheating or play love behind you,
you will kill him/her??

everyone of us had the answer..
but for me if i have a guy be my couple,i will control him
so he will scare and wont do anything bad behind me~
although i know that guy will hate it~i will do so..HAHA!
so watch out for those who want to be my love!
anyway i dont ever think about this yet..
its not a kind that is important becoz we still can live either~
if you want love so much why not you just get from Allah S.W.T~
it will remain and never leave us behind~