Sunday, 19 February 2012

respect is an IMPORTANT

there is one story yg mmg menyakitkan hati~
dalam hidup kita seharian respect tu adalah sgt penting kan~
first of all, i would like to introduce that my frenz and i going to present about 
our company production~we have divide our work and think that all going to be alright..
after a weeks there is no changes.and till this one week, we are going to present..
WAAHHHH! that is very soon..and yet we do nothing~
as that my friend and i do the work as fast as possible and we success to making it..
but there are two people that are just sitting and waiting for the instruction~
the one is done their work..the other one waiting for the slide to transfer to him..
we are checking all the slides together and want to fix the problem or something we doesn't know about the slide..all the slide are getting okay,come to the last part that the one do it~
it make us feel like there is something wrong about it..we want to change but the one say that the slide is her slide so we cannot change anything~yeah! we have a respect! so we  respect and expect that the one had done her revision~
YEEAAHH! the day had come!
today is the presentation day..~we are READYY~!
the first group start presenting..and WWOOAAHHH!!!!
they are very great and their slide such an impressive work~  ILOVEIT#
and now come to our group~
like just now ~~we are READY!
HELL YEAH! we are NOT READY!!!!!
for the first part and the middle part is quite ... errrmm it's like okey job..
YEAH! good job !
but to the end part .. ARRGGHH!!! we are start babbling and murmuring in front of the others~
the important part is the slide is making by the one~and the one doesn't know how to explain it~
WTF!! (what the fish)~ HAIYAAA~
we all are getting tired of this and want to help but each time we want to explain the one will cut off
the other explanation~the one had no RESPECT to others while they are making explanation..
and here we are~
getting angry more and more towards the one~but never mind..
its already pass and i will take it as lessons to other part~yeah surely not all her fault~
we also make a mistake because we did not study her part~Actually all members should be blamed~
why not we study earlier..right?

 and the most important is! don't trust other people if u cant see the right output~
trusting urselves more and taking care of ur truly and loyal members~

and remember this!
YOU are always YOUR own bestfrenz..

p/s:that wont help much when u need to borrow money :D

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